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Johns' 1993 RRP

Jeff Waters blade
Jeff Waters

Brians' RRX by Belfast Lough
Brian Fulton

Brians' RRX by Belfast Lough
Brian Fulton

Dave's 99 RRX Dave's RR05 Dave's Repsol 07 Same old Repsol 07...v.nice, aye?!

The above are Dave Ambler's little collection of past & previous Blades (git ;)


Mels' cool coloured RRW This model colour was proven to be the fastest in a YOC poll! Definitely the best colour scheme out there. ;) VERY nice Rosi rep

Melanie Christians' 98 RRW


Kevin Watson's Rossi Rep

Dave on his Nitrous Blade
Dave Manton


Clive's tricked up 03
Clive Crompton


Tubbs' RR-P on track

Jason's pristine CBR1000 '06
Jason Huckle

Charl from Cape Towns' home made Blade Lee's '95 Blade with plenty of trick mods
Leslie's modified Urban Tiger