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<<<<< VERSIONS >>>>>

I'll be adding images of the various colour schemes from each year in this section, along
with any engine or cosmetic changes between each upgrade and it's predecessor.


<<<<<< Year : 2002 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CBR 900 RR-02

Priced: £8,695

Capacity up to 954cc

Power up 2bhp to 150bhp

Weight 168kg

6th generation Fireblade
Larger radiator
1mm bigger bore
Major engine internal update (check spec)
Honda Racing designed swingarm
Slimmer front fairing & one piece side panels
New headlight unit
Clocks are smaller and lighter
Tank shortened by 10cm
Slimmer rear seat unit
Exhaust slimmer and Titanium construction



40k big image
white/metallic blue

68k big image

44k big image
yellow/metallic blue