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<<<<< VERSIONS >>>>>

I'll be adding images of the various colour schemes from each year in this section, along
with any engine or cosmetic changes between each upgrade and it's predecessor.


<<<<<< Year : 2004 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CBR 1000 RR

· All new RCV Styling

· New engine capacity up to 998cc

· Power up to 170bhp

· Weight down to 178kg

Detail Changes:
The 2004 Fireblade represents the biggest advance in the model's evolution since the original CBR900RR of 1992. Engine, chassis and even styling are all-new. The transverse four motor is the biggest (in terms of displacement), smallest (in terms of external dimensions) and most powerful yet - but also, Honda claims, the most user friendly. The rolling chassis boasts state-of-the-art radial brakes and 'unit' rear suspension, including MotoGP inspired styling and an underseat pipe.


Most unpopular red/white/blue