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<<<<< VERSIONS >>>>>

I'll be adding images of the various colour schemes from each year in this section, along
with any engine or cosmetic changes between each upgrade and it's predecessor.


<<<<<< Year : 1995 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CBR 900 RR-S

Priced at £8,655

Power up to 124bhp @ 10,000

Torque up to 65ft-lb @ 8000rpm

Top speed up to 161.6mph

Standing 1/4: 10.89 @131mph

Detail changes:
Step guards by riders footpegs are drilled
Stainless steel choke cable
Longer sidestand spring
Paint scheme

Fireblade concerns: (source - BIKE magazine February 1996)

Carbs: Can go out of tune quickly but quickly fixed with re-balancing the carbs.

Battery: Not strong enough to run alarms etc without having to be recharged regularly (2 days)

Small rubber boot fitted to underside of the left carburettor. This occasionally blows off when the engine is hammered and results in the motor 'hunting' at tickover.

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