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<<<<< VERSIONS >>>>>

I'll be adding images of the various colour schemes from each year in this section, along
with any engine or cosmetic changes between each upgrade and it's predecessor.


<<<<<< Year : 1996 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CBR 900 RR-T

First capacity increase of 25.5cc

Priced at £9,265

Engine capacity up to 918.5cc

Power up to 126bhp @10,300rpm

Torque down to 67ftlb @ 8,750rpm

Speed up to 163mph

Standing 1/4: 11.43 @ 124.5mph

Weight down to 184kg

Detail changes:
New side panels and tail vents
Holes removed from bottom fairing
Front fender chip guards for forks
Rear shock stroke up from 112mm - 125mm
Swing arm cross brace stronger
Lighter chain
Frame is lighter using 3 internal boxes
Forks - lighter internals with wider adjustment range
Engine capacity hike of 25.5cc
Riding position made comfier
Revised suspension
Re-shaped petrol tank


sparkling red

blitz grey metallic