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<<<<< VERSIONS >>>>>

I'll be adding images of the various colour schemes from each year in this section, along
with any engine or cosmetic changes between each upgrade and it's predecessor.


<<<<<< Year : 1998 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

CBR 900 RR-W

First all new Blade since launch!

Priced still at £9,265

Engine capacity remains 918.5cc

Power down to 114.7bhp @ 10,000rpm

Torque jumps to 65.7ft-lb @ 8,000rpm

Top speed slides to 166mph

Standing 1/4: 10.77 @ 130mph

Weight down to 180kg

Detail Changes:
Motor the same though with 80% internals changed
Redesigned upper fairing
Headlight cluster
'Gills' gone from tail unit
Top gear ratio increased
Low-friction coated cylinder sleeves
Reprogrammed ignition timing
Clutch more compact
Radiator volume enlarged
Lighter exhaust
Stronger headstock
Steering head stem moved forward 5mm
Front fork offset down 5mm to 30mm
Double bolt fork yokes
Box section swing arm
Thinner lighter clocks
Front discs up fm 296mm to 310mm

60k big image